About us

10G Network Solutions established in 2008 as a telecommunications interconnect company, reseller of communications products and services within the country. Highly competitive with over 3 years experience providing solutions from consulting and design to hardware sales, state of the arts network cabling solutions, project management support, and on-site remedial services. As the need to upgrade and modernize communications systems has become more critical, 10G Network Solutions has remained at the forefront of the industry through sound management, hard work and strong values. These principles have been 10G Network Solutions foundation for over 3 years.

Mission Statement

10G Network Solutions’ mission is to maximize the value of services provided to our clients and perform services through a well-managed organization, focusing on quality. We make it a priority to meet and exceed our client's expectations and to be there when needed. Our client relationships are continually established and guaranteed 100%.


To provide complete voice and data integration for our customers by providing professional design, installation and support services. Earn our customers trust and loyalty by our commitment to quality, competitiveness, reliability, and honesty.

Service Technicians

Our employees provide service with the highest professional standard of excellence, integrity, and efficiency. We employ skilled and innovative people. We dedicate resources to ensure that all employees are educated, trained, and motivated to provide value-added services. 10G Network Solutions technicians are trained and certified by the product manufacturer and according industry standards and specifications with particular attention to building, city and state codes and ordinances.