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10G Network Solutions has a Business partnership with : Systimax, AMP, D-Link, Molex, Finolex, Delton, Giga Connect, has been approved by various international organization including T.E.C India the Company has a strong team with capabilities in networking & Telecom products for last 10 years. If You Require More Information, Please Call Our Office or mail us Your Contact Details

Passive Components From Active Components From
  • Systimax
  • AMP
  • D-Link
  • Giga Connect
  • HCL
  • APW President
  • Krone
  • Comrack
  • Delton
  • Finolex
  • Active Components From
  • Cisco
  • 3Com
  • D-Link
  • Nortel
  • Linksys
  • Netgear
  • HP
  • Optic Fiber Components from Giga Connect
  • Optic Fiber Tools
  • Optic Fiber Patch cords
  • Optic Fiber Connector's, Coupler's
  • Optic Fiber Joint Closers
  • Fiber Termination Boxes
  • All Kinds of Fiber Patch Cords We Will make as Per Customer's Requirement

    Complete High Performance Structured Cabling Solutions
    Accounting or advertising, retail or real estate, securities or semiconductors.Whatever your business, information acquisition, analysis, distribution and integration is the engine that moves today's economy. 10G Network Solutions is your complete world of information. As the information pathways yield to the promised superhighways, your data/Telecommunications systems are the link to that rapidly evolving world.

    Whether your systems planning has been overrun by unanticipated expansion demands or your upgrade considerations are now in place. 10G Network Solutions complete array of Network Site Services can be your most cost-effective key to total information management.

    We can work with your own IT staff, providing exact compliance with the design specifications they have planned. We can also serve as your own expert, out-sourced planners and designers, untangling your current systems bottlenecks while custom planning and implementing component placement, topology and structured cable plant design that will facilitate both current needs and future growth, creating compatible and efficient integration of multiple systems into an enterprise-wide network.


    Information services, vital to all the areas of corporate operations, can only serve effectively when properly managed. 10G Network Solutions is ready to be your partner in that goal. Beyond all of the buzzwords, market strategies, and media hype of doing business in today's complex and rapidly evolving economic environment, it is easy to lose sight of the fundamental means to the end service From the most venerable of Fortune 500 companies to the latest upstart virtual corporation, client service is the most fundamental principle of success, We at 10G Network Solutions are dedicated to serving all of your corporate communications Needs.

    We provide a three-tiered range of services, encompassing system evaluation and design, physical media provision/installation, and remedial serving. Our evaluation procedures will analyze your current system's architecture and capabilities, yielding a custom-designed plan of correction/expansion.

    The range of physical media installation includes complete premise cabling services for Voice, Data, video, optical fiber connectivity. Our installations include backbone design for multiple protocols, utilizing intelligent wiring hubs, local and remote bridges/routers, T1's DSL circuits indeed, all your system's connectivity requirements.

    Finally, our remedial services include cable plant troubleshooting and maintenance to resolve your current System's cabling deficiencies. Whatever your network site services requirements, we have the solutions.